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The town is located within the County of Cento, on the border line of the Province of Ferrara and approximately 35 Km. from the main cities of Emilia Romagna: Bologna, Modena and Ferrara.

The economic life of this small town has been connected mainly to agriculture, with commercial and artisan activities of excellent quality.

The historical background of this small community, as well as all the Cento territory, is connected to an antique system of land “participation” by the farmers; the origin of the town’s name –Alberone- is not clear. Some ancient documentation indicates the name comes from a magnificent specimen of oak tree used to mark the boarder line between Bologna and Finale Emilia; other sources indicates, most likely, that the name comes from the Latin “albaretum” which means the general location of a wooden area. For the Church, Alberone is simply a location where in ancient times the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared on a willow tree, from which the local Church – Holy Virgin of the Willow – has taken the name.

The ancient Church, founded in the XVI century, was demolished to make room for a “modern” building. The present Church construction, of neo-gothic style, started in 1899 – from a project signed by engineer GUALANDI – it was built a short distance away from the original location, with works that continued in time; the central nave was completed in 1920; the facade in 1958 and the bell tower in 1960. The Church has acquired a particular charm that makes it suggestive.