About us

F.B. spa boasts a family tradition since 1960.

Presenting as a qualified partner for engineering and construction of packages and specific solutions for Oil&Gas, Chemical, Energy and Automotive (CNG) business

Fam. Balboni

Our expertise assures the optimal realization of the following:

Centrifugal compressor packages API 617/ non API

Reciprocating compressor packages API 618 / non API

Screw compressor packages API 619 / non API

Liquid ring compressor packages    

Reciprocating compressor packages for CNG application

Lube oil units API 614 / non API       

Cooling water units    

Seal gas panels

Piping prefabrication

In order to meet the high-quality requirements of our Customers, we continuously invest in modern computer appliances and tools, advanced testing systems and CAD equipment among other apparatuses.


Equally, much attention is paid to training, with ongoing education and motivation programs available for both blue-collar and white-collar employees.

Since 2015 we have introduced a program called “innovation contest” to keep F.B. employees’ level of motivation and involvement high.